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IMG_8879_Facetune_29-01-2021-21-51-59 - Catie Siegling.jpeg

Catie Siegling


The chapter president is responsible for running business meetings, overseeing the executive board, and planning events based around professional development.

Catie is a senior is Communications with minors in Political Science and Women & Gender Studies. She pledged Spring '21 Koucheki. Her favorite artist is Taylor Swift and her favorite TV show is Glee. She also loves to go on walks and listening to podcasts!

Emily &  Haleigh - Emily Hall & Haleigh Mullikin.jpg

Emily Hall and Haleigh Mullikin

Service Vice Presidents

The vice president of service is responsible for planning and overseeing the service projects that Iota Lambda takes part in.

Emily is a junior this year and is majoring in Sports Management! She has two minors: business administration and journalism. She pledged Spring '22 Gundersen. Emily loves country music and when she isn't doing APO activities, you can find her in the gym working out or at various athletic events!

Haleigh is the other half of service! She is a junior in Materials science engineering. Haleigh pledged APO Fall '22 Keene. Haleigh has a dent in her leg that has been there for over a year because of a skimboard hitting it while at the beach!



Membership Vice President

The Vice President of Membership is responsible for maintaining an accurate, up-to-date active membership record and shall announce it when requested at meetings of the Chapter and Executive Committee.

Jess is a junior in Human Biology and with a minor in Health, Medicine, and Human Values. She pledged Spring '22 Gundersen. She loves APO because of all of the people in it and the amazing service opportunities that it provides! She also loves football tailgates, hiking, and participating in IM sports with APO! A fun fact about Jess is that she has swam with a dolphin before!

IMG_1520_jpg - Bryson Brading & Pam Ivanova.JPG

Pamela Ivanova and Bryson Brading 

Education Vice Presidents

The Education Vice Presidents are responsible for the new incoming pledge class

Pam is a senior majoring in International Studies with a minor in German! She pledged Spring '22 Gundersen. She loves to travel and hike. She interned in Vienna, Austria over the summer and would love to work there again after graduating. On the weekends, you can find her working as a barista at Iris Coffee Lab, learning how to play the guitar, and catching live music shows around North Carolina!

Our other Education VP is Bryson! He is a junior in Computer Science and minoring in Business Admin. He pledged Fall '21 Katz. Bryson has been in APO since his freshman year and is excited for this year! He loves any running or soccer related activities!

20230329_195218 - Aaron Williams.jpg

Aaron Williams

Scouting Vice President

The Scouting Vice President is responsible for coordinating the fraternity's Scouting University​ during the Spring or Fall Term. They commonly lead the brothers in other Scouting-related promotions.

Aaron is a senior in Computer Science and pledged Spring ‘22 Gundersen. He has been in undergrad for about six years due to "a series of unfortunate events"! He is super excited to serve as Scouting VP!

picture - Cole Harris.png


Fellowship Vice President

The Vice President of Fellowship plans and manages all the social events that the fraternity will take part in over the semester.

Cole is a Senior in Biology with minors in Biomanufacturing and Physics. He pledged Spring '21 Koucheki! Cole was Fellowship VP in the Spring of '23. A fun fact about him is that he has his pilots, motorcycle, and boating licenses! His favorite parts of the fall semester include football game days and going snowboarding! He truly believes that everyone wants another friend and he is super excited to help foster great relationships through a strong fellowship program this fall!

D30B1BDB-42CB-44FF-9EC3-373E0A942CEC - Ben Stevens & Max Butler.jpeg


External Relations Vice Presidents

The External Relations Vice Presidents are responsible for all alumni events, fundraising for the brotherhood, and coordinating with other APO chapters and organizations.

Ben is a sophomore in Business Administration. He joined APO in the fall of 2022. The country he would most like to travel to is South Korea. He also enjoys hanging out with friends and supporting NC State at football games! His favorite service events so far have been the Kristy Kreme race, Fairy Tale Tea at Marbles Kids Museum, and running in the Outrace the Stigma 5k!

Max is the other half of this amazing duo. He is a senior in Sociology. He joined APO in the fall of 2022. Outside of APO he is a huge sports fan. Ask him anything about sports and he will probably know it!


IMG_3059 - Shane Smith.jpeg

Shane Smith


The Treasurer is responsible for receiving, maintaining, and recording of all the moneys of the Chapter according to accounting principles approved by the Chapter.

Shane is a senior is Sports Management! He also has two minors: Business Administration and Psychology. He pledged Fall '22 Keene. Shane also has an ever growing sports memorabilia collection. 

IMG_7257 - Prerana Prabhushankar.jpeg

Prerana Prabhushankar


The Historian is responsible for maintaining a scrapbook of photos and newspaper clipping pertaining to the activities of the Chapter during their term of office.

Prerana is a junior in Nutrition Science and Environmental Science! She pledged APO Spring '22 Gundersen. This summer she went to Scotland for 2 months and she went on a cruise to Alaska! She loves going on hot girl walks and finding cool recipes and restaurants to post on her food Instagram account. She also loves sitting outside!

IMG_1153 - Harrison Diamond.heic

Harrison Diamond


The Secretary is responsible for keeping an accurate written record of the proceedings of all meetings, maintaining the website, and sending out the biweekly email newsletters.

Harrison is a Political Science major and is in his senior year at NC State! He pledged Fall '21 Katz. A fun fact about Harrison is that he can solve a 3x3 and 4x4 Rubik's cube.

B275A7D6-B14F-420A-A0F9-AAE2A7E818C5 - Nick Saunders.jpeg


Sergeant at Arms

The Sergeant-At-Arms is responsible for maintaining order during meetings, verifying quorum at business meetings, and enforcing the Risk Management policy distributed by the National Office.

Nick is a senior in Environmental Engineering and is also pursuing a minor in Spanish. He joined APO in the fall of 2020 and has served on the executive board many times. A fun fact about Nick is that he has tried every cookout milkshake and rated them in a spreadsheet! Feel free to ask him about it!

Our Exec Board: Exec Board
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