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"I wanted to meet new people and also do some service! APO seemed like a great fit to make new friends, help out the community, and expand on my college experience as a whole! I was right :) " - Jessica Farrell, Spring'20 Walsh

"I wanted to meet more people, and loved that it was so easy to do service. I went to one of the rush events and everyone was so friendly I knew I was going to pledge." -Milli Crouch, Fall'21 Katz

"I didn't know a ton of people at NCSU or have any activities I was in that I was truly passionate about. Joining APO totally turned my college experience around and gave me so many friends, opportunities and experiences that I had been looking for" - Catie Siegling, Spring'21 Koucheki

"I pledged APO to find a sense of community while also wanting to be active in volunteering in the community." - Emily Hall, Spring '22 Gundersen 

"As a pre-dental freshman, I was on the lookout for a social club where I could meet new people and make friends while also finding an organized way to get the service hours that I needed for dental school. I was also so lost on how to consistently volunteer throughout the year, especially as a freshman who didn't have a car. APO gave me access to a community that checked every single one of my boxes!" - Prerana Prabhushankar, Spring '22 Gundersen


"Carolina Tiger Rescue" - Mia King, Fall'20 Stewart

"Spending time with my pledge class at our mountain retreat! I also have so many amazing and fun memories from various fellowship and service events!" - Riya Kanjia, Fall'20 Stewart

"Riding to events with brothers and making friends so easily! The Girl Scout Cookie Distribution was a ton of fun as well!" - Emma Harrell, Fall'19 Wong

"Going on retreats has allowed me to get closer with a lot of people I would not have met otherwise."  - Jackson Rhinehardt, Spring '23 Warner-Cross

"The pumpkin patch express service event in the Fall is one of my favorite APO experiences. My job was just to scoop popcorn and me and another brother ate lots of popcorn while we were at it. We also got free pumpkins to decorate, and got to go to the butterfly house afterwards. It was a really perfect day and such a fun event to get service hours for." - Zoya Bawangaonwala, Fall '23 Diles


"Go to as many events as possible, it's the easiest way to make friends!" -Zahra Rangwala, Spring'21 Koucheki

"Don’t be intimidated by the requirements, it’s worth it to become part of APO! Also, take initiative to go to events and meet brothers, APO is more fun the more involved you are." - Maddie Blume, Spring'21 Koucheki

"Don't be afraid to dive in head first, really throw yourself into everything you do!" - Syd Cassels, Fall '23 Diles

"APO is one of the most positive communities on campus with some of the most amazing people and some of the most fun activities. Everyone in APO is so welcoming and if you ever get nervous or are not quite sure if it is for you, reach out to a current member! Ask them what they love about APO and why they have stuck with it, you will no doubt find some of the most genuine, friendly, and optimistic people who will do all they can to make sure you feel as comfortable during the rush/pledge process as possible." - Emilia Monrad, Spring '23 Warner-Cross

"Get interviews done quickly at the beginning of the semester before classes start to become more difficult; Get the harder interviews (Alumnus, Advisor, E-Board) done first so that you only have to worry about the pledge interviews later (towards the end, pledges will want to interview each other, so do not worry as much about those)." - Josh Hanflink, Fall '23 Diles

Rush: Recruitment
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